About Us

Occupational Health and Safety Management, HSE Consultants. Health and Safety and Fire training and Development. Customer relations and HSE consultation. Environmental spills management and clean up Health and Safety equipment distributors and sales. Spills clean up, waste disposal


SHEPro is a Safety Health and Environmental Management Company that promotes Safety Management, Training and Skills Development. Our approach focuses on meeting legislative requirements and relevant standards, empowering individuals with the knowledge and true understanding to responsibly manage Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the workplace. SHEPro also stocks a wide range of world class quality Environmental Management and Safety products.

SHEPro is strategically based in the capital of the Lowveld, Mbombela, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa and are involved within various industries including the mining sector, manufacturing, healthcare, architectural, forestry, engineering, construction and a wide range of private sectors.

Our wide range of products and training capabilities, broad based experience in different disciplines and services are fundamentally based on a qualitative approach. SHEPro strives to deliver pro-active, quality solutions and products.

We do business differently. We build relationships. There is a huge focus on personalizing each session according to our client’s needs. A pre-training assessment meeting can be conducted between all stake holders to ensure maximum training outcomes. We also believe in empowering the youth by training and enabling learners to become experts. This will ensure their success when entering the job market.

As a young vibrant company we strive to create an interactive and practical training environment as this allows learners to fully embrace the learning experience and ensure maximum knowledge retention.